Advance technician on multiplatform applications

Certified as Advance Technician on Multiplatform Applications at the IFP center – Innovation in Vocational Training, studies carried out during the 2017-2019 academic period in Seville, Spain.

Teaching hours

The course carried out had a total duration of almost  2000 teaching hours + personal project tutoring.

Practices in company

During this training I did an practices as a social media analyst at the Social Door company, fulfilling data collection functions on social networks for the exploitation of trends and impacts, as well as installation and maintenance of the ERP and CRM.


Among the different skills focused on programming are object-oriented programming, databases, computer systems, development environments, etc.


During this training, a Geometry Dash-type project was carried out on Android using the OpenGl library with generation of procedural levels, a physics system and a collision system.