Modularity and segregation

MECS is a framework focused on Unity focused on getting an approximation to the “Entity Component System” architecture and taking Unity Technology’s DOTs as a reference, offering a mixed solution.
This framework offers a set of generic tools with the idea of ​​using them in an interconnected way and achieving more complex behaviors, at the same time, it makes use of the editor available in the engine for greater flexibility of functionalities.


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Project information


Framework with architecture type "System Component Entity" with editor tools for Unity.



Status(Feb 13, 2023):

Working on.

What is inside?

The main roles of the framework are:
  • Managers: Collect and save the set of entities related to the specified role that are activated.
  • Entities: GameObjects used to associate the components that contain the data related with the behaviors
  • Components: Data sets with an associated behavior.
  • Systems: Perform executions of the behaviors related with the specified entities using the data within those entities.

Within the almost 300 scripts, you will find a variety of functionalities:

  • Event system and tracking/debug of executions.
  • Lifecycle with editor events.
  • Resource management with integrated Addressables System.
  • Timer system.
  • Conditional system.
  • Editor variables.

Among other available features.

For a closer look at the framework, the code can be found at the following GitHub link, where it is available for download.

Technical information

Game engine:



Unity 2021.3.16f1

Rol on project


Unity Developer.

Framework architecture:

Fully realized framework architecture.
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