The potential of scriptable objects, emergent design, and optimization above all.

Keep it modular, editable and debuggable. Using a framework with strong pillars, accomplished on all the advantages of use scriptable objects and his related patrons as scriptable variables, game events, runtime sets… etc.

But scriptable objects and events are something little mentioned, although having a very wide potential of use, with this perspective both programming and design with tools take a new direction.


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Project information


Game framework based on the use of scriptable objects and focused on the realization of emerging design tools.



Status(Jul 08, 2020):


What is inside?

SOA is an architecture, based on the use of scriptable objects as global references, avoiding  instance dependency and encouraging a strong use of the editor through multipurpose tools.

*Based on “Unity Austin 2017 – Game Architecture with Scriptable Objects”.

The realization of multipurpose tools gives designers great freedom to make an emergent and more creative use of the framework, also, the use of events in a generalized way allows great optimization.

Some patterns used in the framework are:

  • Scriptable variables/Reference patron.
  • Scriptable GameEvents/Listeners.
  • RuntimeSet/Registers.
  • Scriptable Enums.
  • Asset Based Systems/Save system.
  • Scriptable audio collections.
  • Scriptable comparators/Reference patron.
  • Scriptable object pooling.

Technical information

Game engine:


Programming language:


Rol on project


Game programmer.

Game designer:

Design made entirely.
Mechanics | Level Design | Tutorial | Core loops | AI behaviour | UI

Game programmer:

Programming made entirely.
Plugins integration (Oculus Framework) | AI behaviour | Mechanics | Events |UI