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Fully realized framework architecture.
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Technical information

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What is inside?

SOA is a framework, based on the use of scriptable objects as global references, avoiding  instance dependency and encouraging a strong use of the editor through multipurpose tools.

Some patterns used in the framework are:

  • Scriptable variables/Reference patron.
  • Scriptable GameEvents/Listeners.
  • RuntimeSet/Registers.
  • Scriptable Enums.
  • Asset Based Systems/Save system.
  • Scriptable audio collections.
  • Scriptable comparators/Reference patron.
  • Scriptable object pooling.

The realization of multipurpose tools gives designers great freedom to make an emergent and more creative use of the framework, also, the use of events in a generalized way allows great optimization.


*Based on “Unity Austin 2017 – Game Architecture with Scriptable Objects”.

Framework made on July 07, 2020, the code can be found by clicking the following link: Link.