Technician On Microcomputer Systems And Networks

Certified as Technician On Microcomputer Systems And Networks at the I.E.S. Juan de Mairena, studies carried out during the 2015-2017 academic period in Seville, Spain.

Teaching hours

The course carried out had a total duration of almost  2000 teaching hours.

Practices in company

During this training I did an practices as a computer repair technician at the BAS Software company, Berlin, Germany, fulfilling cross-platform computer repair functions , as well as microcomputer system maintenance.

Microcomputer Systems

Among the different skills focused on Microcomputer Systems are single-user operating systems, network operating systems, network services, informatic security, etc.


During this training I completed the European Erasmus+ program, doing an internship in Berlin, Germany, for a period of 3 months.