Take care of your back, do not trust anyone, find the impostor.

Another day on the surface of Mars, there are tasks to do and a routine to complete, life here repeats itself as there is not much else to do, apart of the job.

Now the only colony present on Mars faces a great challenge, an alien, something from an asteroid has entered and start killing all your mates disguised as one of them. Will you find the impostor and safe every one?


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Project information


Visual novel game where player try to figure who is the impostor.


Visual novel & rogue-like.


Space horror.

Status(May 25, 2020):


What is inside?

The Thing Who Cried Wolf is a Spanish indie game where the player must investigate strange events to find who is the impostor trying to kill them all, because on a Mars colony, escape is not an option.

To carry out this investigation, the player will visit the different rooms of the colony, reviewing every detail, talking with his companions and looking for where their versions are limping. A game where each session can be different, since you never know who the impostor could be.

Technical information

Game engine:



PC game.

Rol on project


Unity Developer.

Game design:

Concept | Greyboxing | Documentation

Game programming:

Design tool | Visual novel framework | Mechanics | Event system