Here We Play Everyone. Video Games And Technological Vocations

Vocational guidance day with a gender perspective organized by the Andalusian Institute for Women, during the year 2021.


TABLE OF EXPERTS: The educational power of video games and technological vocations.

ROUND TABLE: A feminist look at the role of women in the video game and e-sports sector. Obstacles, challenges, and proposals for action.

TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER: Initiatives that make gamers and professionals visible, promote or protect.

PRESENTATION OF THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES “NERFEADAS”: Viewing of the chapter “e-sports and women as a consumer, part 1.”

SESSION 1: MALE BY DEFAULT — A tour of the most outstanding games that have established the masculine by default, setting the precedent that draws the image of the current “gamer” and distances it from the image of the female gamer. Streaming of the GTA V game as a current benchmark for this trend, especially present in online games.

SESSION 2: YOUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLEEvolution of the role of women in video games, and how it has been implemented in more and more leading roles, often in the wrong way. Streaming of the games “Heavy Rain” and “Detroit Become Human”, with Kara’s story, as examples.

SESSION 3: WE ALL PLAY HERE — I review the latest titles that visualize realistic female references, with an active and non-stereotyped role, and the controversy that accompanied each of them for being groundbreaking. Streaming of the game Horizon Zero Dawn, in which we meet Aloy, a leading female protagonist in this new generation of games that reaffirm the presence of women in the gaming world.