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Anyone who knows a little about the world of video game development is familiar with gam jams, events where projects are carried out and presented in a limited time. Every day various jams are organized on platforms such as, offering you to give your all by developing a video game.

But not every day there is a game jam like the Margot Talent Game Jam, in Malaga, Spain.

What is inside?

The Margot Talent Game Jam was organized from November 26 to 28 by Azafata Margot, under the umbrella of the National Digital Content Pole of the Malaga City Council. Giving a twist to the objective of the event, which was not only focused on making a game in 48 hours. But they also gave the possibility of opting for 8,500 € distributed in different prizes, together with the transfer of rights to the winning projects in five different categories, as well as two extra categories that had a prize but without said transfer of rights:

Category: A large church, with large stained-glass windows and a lot of height that is unfinished.

Winners: «Manquita Builder» from the study "Soy Vanesa Group".

Category: A Roman Theater leaning on a hill.

Winners: «Act or die» from the “Gunga ginga gang” team.

Category: A castle on a hill that protects a bay.

Winners: "Castle frog" from team "1.0".

Category: Very busy seaport.

Winners: «Cita en el muelle» from the “Made in Mavis” team.

Category: A Victorian cemetery where, during the day, it is always sunny.

Winners: «Can you help me?» from the "Devslovers" team.

Category: Most replayable experience.

Winners: «Cita en el muelle» from the “Made in Mavis” team.

Category: Audience Award.

Winners: «Manquita Builder» from the study "Soy Vanesa Group".
At the National Digital Content Pole, a breeding ground for the video game industry in Malaga, it was presented how the next 3 days of adventure were going to be for the teams present there. All this accompanied by sponsors such as Dunkin ‘, Coca-Cola or Krilloud, among others.
The event featured a work environment rich in professionals, in addition to having vegetarian and vegan options for meals, which were included, also taking into account who could have more specific diets. All this adding the focus and concern to make the occasion a more egalitarian and safe environment.
In addition, to add more peculiarities to this jam, which was already out of the norm, the organization of the event conducted a series of interviews with the participants, promoting the games that were presented.

What do we think?

As we said at the beginning of this post, there are many jams but like this only a few. An event where Strange World participated in the Solo Developer style presenting “Save your soul“, which could not have had better support from both the organizers and the rest of the participants during the hard process of creating a game.
An experience that in addition to recommending, we would not hesitate to repeat.

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