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Winter is coming

The coal has run out and the bread begins to get stale, while your hands freeze you wonder if it was a good idea to ration your food even more, your people are as hungry and cold as you, but they do have someone to blame.

Frost Punk, a survival, management and strategy game, developed and published by 11 Bit Studios, will take you to a Victorian steam punk, where an endless winter drowns you a little more every day and the challenges to survive never stop.

What is inside?

A game with a different gameplay to that of the city builders we know, you start in a small space with some basic resources at hand, having to manage the temperature, general satisfaction or food, among other resources present, combinations that together with variations in temperature and time of day make management very interesting.

As if that were not enough, there are missions and events that, according to the laws that you have been passing and that you have, you will be able to face them in one way or another, missions that reveal the mysterious story behind the endless winter that the world suffers, showing cinematics with simply incredible images.

It is precisely that aesthetic that is another thing that captivates you about the game, that is to say, who can resist a Victorian Steam Punk?, combined with good graphics that are appreciated in detail, both from the most distant aerial view and in the closer zoom. In addition, the interface that is something to stand out, fits perfectly, being clean, beautiful and clear.

If to all this you add an immersive soundtrack that blends in with the atmosphere that Frost Punk creates, you can spend hours playing without realizing it, its classical music transmits the seriousness and sadness of the situation that ends up captivating.

Few negative things can be said about this game, but if I would highlight something is the beginning, although they give you some basic indications on how to keep your city alive, you quickly pass the starting point and the management begins to have more details to take into account, details, that you discover a base trial and error starting a new game.
This being something that can also discourage, since, even being a title where it is taken into account that you are going to lose and start over repeatedly, if you do it too many times you get to feel stagnant, and you stop playing at the tenth game, because you don’t want to start over.
It should also be mentioned that sometimes it feels unfair due to the events that can lead to feel saturate, a feeling that seems transmitted on purpose, however if you are unlucky enough to accumulate various problems, be it population, hunger or cold, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Should I play it?

Not for nothing was Frost Punk GOTY, it stands out in all its aspects that it offer, an innovative game in its genre, with more than interesting themes and wonderful visuals, a game that will certainly captivate you for hours and hours without rest.

If you like management, strategy and steam punk, you are going to enjoy it.

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