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The tide is high

You open your eyes and wake up in a tavern, don’t know how or when you got there, but what is certain is the hangover. The noise of the seagulls wakes you up and the sound of the waves asks to get ready, you head towards your ship docked on the coast waiting for another adventure full of treasures, piracy has begun.
An action-adventure game, Sea of ​​Thieves, developed by Rare Ltd and published by Xbox Game Studios in 2018, this pirate game represents adventure in the greatest Jack Sparrow style. Offering an online experience where you will embark on missions looking for treasures, assaulting skeleton strongholds or facing other players for the loot they possess.

What is inside?

An online game where you will have a ship to navigate the vast world that Sea of ​​Thieves offers, from the beginning and after a short tutorial that will guide you through the most essential mechanics of the game, you will be able to access missions from different factions that will make you go through said world exploring its mysteries.
It offers a set of well-leveled mechanics, where both a novice and an experienced player will have the same tools when playing. The biggest difference will be the number of crew members on your ship, four being the maximum, and the ship itself you choose, which will depend on the size of your crew. Once everything is prepared and the mission chosen, among the available factions, it will be a matter of raising anchors and starting the adventure.
The world of Sea of ​​Thieves is rich and wide, while doing your missions you will be able to meet other players who maybe decide to give you a difficult battle, maybe you activate a world event and the Kraken assaults you or halfway you decide to change course to a Raid. Part of the charm this game offers is the breadth of options available to players, who can also go for something less “free” and pursue episodic published stories.
Both the music and the art of this multiplayer game is something to talk about, whenever something is going to happen, a great band will play to accompany the moment to give emphasis, although if you are not convinced by the available music, you can always play your own instruments with your companions. The graphics may not be on par with the music, but they make up for it with beautiful and engaging cartoon-style art, allowing smaller teams to run the game.
Although it has a wide variety of options when it comes to playing, Sea of ​​Thieves is scary at first, the freedom in the gameplay is both a claim and a drawback for some players, since they may find themselves lost in their first experiences, not knowing what actions to take or how to progress within the game itself.
We can add this to the entry barrier that a multiplayer with such a present PvP supposes, carrying out your missions and being assaulted by a larger or more skilled group can be a great frustration, losing all your treasures and feeling that the last two hours have been useless, it is not for everyone’s liking.
And when saying two hours, it is not figuratively, since due to the way the scrolling and the pace of the gameplay is, this is not a game to spend 20 minutes in a session, it is easy to get immersed in the seas of Sea of ​​Thieves, but it is not so easy to have the necessary time to advance and enjoy an important part of the game.
Finally, a weak point in which many other multiplayers sin is the lack of a solid end game, thanks to the format of seasons and usual content there is always a certain freshness in the game, but it is still focused on obtaining achievements and cosmetics once you have advanced enough within it.

Should I play it?

Not all games can afford to be active for so long in a market where if a product is not very profitable, it is discarded. Even though it is somewhat difficult for new players to start, Sea of ​​Thieves manages to give a differentiating experience from other multiplayers with very interesting concepts. Few games manage to captivate the player so much that they get lost in the sound of the waves for hours.
If you like adventures, PvP and pirates, you are going to enjoy it.

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You open your eyes and wake up in a tavern, don't know how or when you got there, but what is certain is the hangover.…

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