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The most expressive minimalism

The sun rises over the horizon indicating that a new day begins, you adjust your crown and mount your horse, your kingdom needs you, there is much to do and everything must be ready for the night, because the Greed will not wait.

Kingdom: New Lands, is a strategy & adventure game developed by Noio and published by Raw Fury, where we will be placed in the role of a monarch who must manage the economy of his kingdom, balancing between making it grow or investing in defending it, because you must face the nocturnal waves of creatures, Greed, who will try to carry everything you have, even your crown.

What is inside?

Minimalism has never been so expressive, we are introduced to an experience with hardly any text, where everything is indicated visually and organically, inviting us to discover how this world works, something very refreshing.
This, wonderfully accompanies some mechanics which are easy to understand and not very extensive, earn money, recruit citizens, build, improve, leave the island and repeat the cycle, an easy-to-catch gameplay line, all this only by moving horizontally, taking money and spending money, nothing more.
Another section that stands out is a retro aesthetic in the pure pixel art style, not overloaded and very clean, which is carried in a beautiful way, creating a living environment that is a pleasure to stop and observe it, and review every detail present on the screen.
Finally, the soundtrack perfectly accompanies every moment, even in situations of tension it increases the rhythm but remains soft and in accordance with the tone of the game, making the game sessions an experience that calls for having a tea while you relax.
But, Kingdom: New Lands has some points that depending on the point of view, can be a handicap, the fact that there are so few indications can make the start frustrating if you do not get the messages, you will have to start a new game a few times until you discover how you should move forward.
And of course its simplicity in the mechanics as well as it provides a charm, makes them become repetitive at a certain point, in which you have already experienced the general gameplay, and you only have to repeat the cycle, the difficulty continues to increase each time you complete a level, but it will not contribute too noteworthy elements.
Finally, although exploring and discovering this world is immersive at first, the lack of history, which does not have to be negative in other cases, makes that moving from one point to another of the map a tedious task, simply repeating something you do in every day-night cycle.

Should I play it?

This is a title that everyone can enjoy, it has a beginning that goes very well and perfectly hooks the player, but the fact that it is so repetitive means that if you like to enjoy long gaming sessions, you will quickly get tired of it.

If you prefer the strategy in small doses to have a relaxing time, this is your game.

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