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Virtual reality new frontiers

Have you ever wondered what an e-sport would be like in virtual reality? You imagine racing games or shooters, which benefit a lot from first-person cameras, but then Echo VR arrives and takes you apart.

In Echo VR, you will carry out team games in zero gravity, where you will have to throw a Frisbee at the opposing goal while making passes or attacking with blows to the head to disorient the opponents. This game offers an unexpected experience, putting its head directly into the world of e-sports, since it has a clearly competitive model when it comes to 3 vs 3 matches with a clear focus.

What is inside?

The experience has a very well adapted entry to new players, you start with a menu where the first things that catches your attention are the tutorials, the social lobby and the settings.

The settings section, is something that surprised me since it is quite varied, giving the possibility to adjust turning angles and smooth the movement of the head, options that are appreciated in a free movement game.

On the other hand, the tutorials also leave a good taste in your mouth, showing the basic aspects of the game and guide you to understand a concept as different as Echo VR, moving using surfaces, propelling yourself in a controlled way, throw the Frisbee and hitting other players or covering yourself.

Another thing that I really liked was the division of lobbies depending on the experience you want, when you are going to access the game you can choose between a general, casual or competitive server. This allows to don’t deny any experience to the players, in addition to these lobbies you have rooms where you can interact with other, play test games or hitting them if you feel like it, very complete.

The pity is that even with good tutorials the difficulty curve to play can be high for some people, the way of moving or throwing the Frisbee, they are simple concepts on paper but not to carry out.

Also, if you are not someone accustomed to virtual reality such a free movement can make you dizzy, that is why without previous experience in other virtual reality games maybe this is not the best to start.

Finally, the games initially can frustrate, it is a difficult team game to handle, communicating, passing the Frisbee and defending teammates are things that do not tend to be done first, but without them, you end up trying to play individually, which does not work well.

Should I play it?

In general, Echo VR is an innovative concept, which takes advantage of the new possibilities present in the use of virtual reality, something that is appreciated since it is a medium that offers a new world, the matches are fun, especially if you play them with friends, with whom you will have a good time and have better team communication, and the game is free, that is a plus to be honest.
If you like virtual reality and the competitive environment, this game is a must to play for you.

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