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Hell has never been so chaotic

A horde of demons everywhere, you have your pistol, and you try to escape by jumping to a platform while shooting them, when you touch it, takes out some spikes that make you fly into the void, dying, for the third time.

That’s Hell is Other Demons, a fast-paced bullet hell platformer developed by Cuddle Monster Games, a game that challenges anyone in a frenzied and demanding experience where the player will descend to the confines of hell, killing everything that stands in their way.

What is inside?

The gameplay is at least satisfactory, you have from the beginning double jumps, dashes, a special ability and a pistol, the set may not be innovative, but the polishing of these mechanics is noticeable and makes the game smooth.

In addition, the gameplay is accompanied by a very characteristic aesthetic, dark and with great contrasts, giving that arcade and nostalgic air but with great personality, this arcade touch is even more pronounced by a soundtrack that could not better accompany the frantic game.

On the other hand, it has a campaign, is divided by levels in the pure Super Mario style and have two endless game modes out of it, arcade which pits you against waves of enemies to see how much you can hold, and lava climb where you must go up without rest, so the lava does not catch you, while demons are appearing, obviously.

Let’s not forget about the bosses, a part to highlight since as you progress, like the levels, they present more complex mechanics that enrich them, making these confrontations a great challenge.

Hell is Other Demons promises a great experience, but it is not a title for everyone far from it, the gameplay although fun, is complicated and will require the player to have sharp skills, or they will be frustrated repeating the same level over and over again.

And speaking of the levels, it usually stays varied both in aesthetics and content, but sometimes it feels like you’ve played the same phase a couple of times even though you’re progressing, since it’s not a very long game, this fill is something that messy a little in the experience.

Nor can it be left without mentioning that although the aesthetics are incredible, the use of dark tones and the dependence on contrasts on the screen can make the game somewhat confusing, even momentarily losing the visual of some enemies.

Should I play it?

Demanding titles do not usually appeal to everyone, but Hell is Other Demons deserves that everyone have a look, it is a game that gives off quality in all aspects, above all it shows affection and care in its development.

If you like frantic and difficult games, you will love it.

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