Read the runes, because your destiny is written on them.

The last thing you remember is that you were eating quietly in the tavern that you like to frequent in the slums, you had to spend those coins, which had been so generously allowed to be caught in that rigged bet you organized.

Now, a dark room surrounds you, full of motionless skeletons, but a slight breeze carries their whispers, do not listen them, cause want to drag you along with their sins.


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Project information


Virtual reality puzzle game, where player uses his hands to draw and resolve the problems faced.




Low poly & gothic.

Status(Apr 12, 2021):


What is inside?

Rune is an Oculus Quest game where the player resolve different puzzles drawing with his hands following different patterns which have various effects depending on what you draw, they can activate abilities, open doors or have some unexpected consequences, all of this to escape from the different levels where the player has been locked up.

But not everything is the puzzles, because creatures that haunt the corridors where our protagonist will move, will attack him without hesitation, implying that he will not be able to escape from there, how he will face them only depends on the player.

Technical information

Game engine:



Oculus Quest.
Android API 24 or higher.

Rol on project


Unity Developer.

Game design:

Design made entirely.
Mechanics | Level Design | Tutorial | Core loops | AI behaviour | UI

Game programming:

Programming made entirely.
Plugins integration (Oculus Framework) | AI behaviour | Mechanics | Events |UI